Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring, Flowers & BeeZzzzz


Creative Mish said...

Great shots! Especially with that crystal blue sky behind them

Andrea said...

Hi i just followed your comments at Autumn Belles', if you appreciate that Clerodendrum ugandense, try to see my what can you say? hehe. I appreciated your profile description and your header photo, but most of all those photos in your older posts esp that hut in Idaho. Wow i love all the aspects, composition, light, color, etc. really great.

cathy said...

Hello Barbara
Thanks for stopping by and for your comment on the (todays flowers) Ox Tongue Lily
What kind of blossoms are those reddy coloured ones you have featured in this post? It really is a rather nice colour - not pale yet not gaudy

Pat said...

Great capture of the hard-working bees in the gorgeous hot pink flowers. I really like the simplicity of colors in the last photo. Beautiful!